Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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I saw a sneak preview of "LEGALLY blonde" last night... HIGHLY entertaining! :) At least once, anyway. I guess it's kind of like American Pie in that it's fun to watch the first time because watching the plot unfold is entertaining when you don't already know it, but watching it again after that is a bit less exciting because you already know what will happen and it's not like there are any cool effects or anything that are a treat to see over and over. But I at least suggest you see this movie once. :)

One of my friends described it as "Clueless goes to law school." Well I never saw Clueless, but if that's true, then the antics of this movie might seem unoriginal if you have.

It seemed like no less than every 2 minutes they threw something at us to laugh at. :)
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