Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

I saw the strangest weather today on the drive to work... It was foggy, like a weird gray fog that was more darkening than dense. And in certain spots, there were these patches of illuminated fog (or low clouds) right in mid-air! Maybe just a few hundred feet up. It was like they were self-illuminating, because I couldn't see how sunlight could possibly be hitting them. It almost looked like the Northern Lights I guess, although I've never seen that in person. Very strange.

I guess another way to describe it is like it was a negative cloud. Instead of blocking light, it eminated light. Sure, white clouds against a blue sky can appear to eminate light, which looks perfectly normal, but a cloud eminating light from underneath an overcast of shadowing clouds is a bit less normal. I wonder if maybe the cloud contained particles that were fluorescent, so that ultraviolet light passing through the upper clouds fell upon this lower cloud and made it emit visible light. Hmm...
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