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Am I vegetarian?
I never thought of myself being that way, because I'll eat a nice juicy burger occasionally when I'm in the mood for it. But the other day I was out having lunch with my sister and her kids and I saw her force-feeding tiny hunks of beef from a burger to her baby (just over 6 months old). It just seemed wrong. I mean, the look on her face obviously expressed that she didn't like what was being jammed in her mouth. Then my sister says "It's meat - it's good for you." That was weird for me because I've always though of my sister as a smart person, but now I found myself disagreeing with her apparent position. Although I know one event isn't enough to truly show anything. I dunno why I feel this way. I guess there are many factors. For one, I would never force-feed my baby anything that produced that facial reaction. I believe in instincts. Second, I guess I feel like meat should be a rare occasion, if eaten at all. I've heard people say the human digestive system actually isn't designed for meat, and I can't argue against that. It always makes my stomach sound weird, and sometimes worse effects too that I'll won't go into detail about. Unfortunately I'm in a tough situation because I don't like salads at all. :) So it's hard for me to go to a restaurant and not eat meat. But at home I rarely have meat, mainly because it's too much of a pain to prepare. I like fast, easy stuff. Pasta, PB&J, canned soups, rice... all good stuff. I do get hot dogs too occasionally... they're easy to prepare. :)

So, I guess my conclusion is that I have no real position on the vegetarian thing. I'll eat meat myself sometimes, but it just bothered me to see a baby feing forced to eat it, like I know it's wrong and eating it is my decision but the baby doesn't have a choice. I know she's too young to make a decision, so maybe she should just be exposed to it but not brought up on it, then when she's the right age she can decide on her own. I dunno. Then there's always the old saying, "mother knows best."


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