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"Windows protection error. You must restart your computer."

That must be a typo. It should read "You must re-install windows."

That's what I ended up doing. Slowly now, I'm re-installing all my software and moving my data over from the old drive.

It's needed a re-install for quite some time. I just could never get around to backing up all my data. Well, I was forced to improvise and install fresh on a different drive instead of backing up.

And what pisses me off is that even with a brand new clean install of Win98SE with no weird extra hardware, there's STILL a problem with video performance. I just don't get it. Ok, know what? I'm gonna do a poll. I wanna see just how unique this problem is...

When you view this page and check at least two of the check boxes above the radar map, how well does the map update (with the whole map in view in your browser)?

It looks fine to me.
It brings my system to a crawl and agonizingly draws each frame of the animated gif like a 28.8kbps download while simple things like my mouse cursor sacrifice performance.
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