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Ahh! What the hell is that!?!

I was watching TV in the DARK and I noticed a big black dot moving around on the rug. I turned on the light and saw this thing! It's huge! What the hell is it? It's like 1½ to 2 inches long (roughly the size it appears on your screen)!

OK, I'm not from NYC and I've never seen your cockroaches... so maybe some of you see this sort of thing all the time but I don't. Is that what this is? A cockroach? It didn't scatter when I turned the light on. In fact it seemed very friendly. :) It's still an unwanted guest though. Ugh, just the thought of stuff like that crawling around my apartment while I'm sleeping... Ahh! Somewhere I heard a statistic about how many spiders the average person eats in their sleep per year. *shudder* Out of sight, out of mind I guess.

On another note, my right foot still hurts from walking around the city on Sunday. :( I think I injured the arch. I read up about the foot on and it confirmed what I suspected from the nature of the pain and when it occurs. There are a lot of tendons and muscles and stuff that stretch from the heel of your foot to the ball of your foot forming the arch... this acts as sort of a shock absorber while you walk. Well, I walked it to death on Sunday and it broke down. So now, if I place equal weight on the heel and ball of my foot, which puts stress on the arch, it hurts. If I put all my weight on my heel (bad, I know) or all on the ball of my foot (like a low tippy-toe) then it doesn't hurt. So, lately I've been walking around without putting my right heel on the ground. Well, now the calf muscle is being used excessively with every step and now THAT'S starting to hurt. :) I shouldn't be walking on this foot at all for a while. WebMD didn't say, but I seem to recall hearing that tendons take a long time to heal. Hmm. Well if I just take it easy for a while I should be ok. Short walks to the car aren't a problem because I can tippy-toe that, so I can still go to work, where I just sit down all day anyway. :) But no walks around the mall or trips to Six Flags for a while.

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It's just a June bug or some kind of beetle.... it won't eat you!!!

Yeah, I knew it wouldn't harm me in any way because it let me get 3 inches away with the camera to get that shot. :) It actually seemed quite friendly... probably because it was moving so slow. Fast-moving insects are intimidating.

yep, looks like a june bug makeing the most of the last couple days of June.

Leave the poor bug alone. Its not gonna hurt you. In the meantime, stay off your foot. Get some crutches or something. If you tore a tendon or cartiledge it takes a really long time to heal, and walking on it, even a little bit, does more damage.

RUN!!! get out of your house its the demon beatle of antiox!!!!! it will get you . you have to stay away!!!!!! it will wait till you slep it will trust me. i lost 7 family members to it. be warned

Clearly you didn't read my entire post, because you see, I can't run because my foot is injured. :)

Or were you talking to the bug?

oh your cant walk. if you even have a chance to read this. ill say something nice. when you. . .*choke* gone. . . *sniff* it was nice knowing you.

ps i hate having to reinstall everything. then way me and my friends have gotten around that. we have a dummy computer. just a Pen133 but it have a 30 Gig harddrive. and it hold 3 computers drives on it. (i love partitions) maybe it you could get a hub hooked up by you you could do somehitng like that. just a thought

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