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Depression sucks.
I haul my ass to work every morning to sit here and be bored and tired all day.

I sit here thinking of all the crap I need to do.

I want to do something about my crappy web site(s).

I need to rebuild my home computer.

I need to clean up my apartment.

I need to get my hair cut.

I get home after work each day and I'm lucky to even manage to feed myself dinner before 11pm rolls around and I need to get to bed.

Every day it's the same shit.

Listing all the stuff I need to do, just so I can be aware of all I'm not doing.

This life sucks.

Yet in the scheme of things, I'd seem to have it so easy.

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Write it all down while you're at work, seriously. Or type it out and print it and take it home with you. DON'T do anything until you've crossed at least one thing off the list. No computer, no TV, no napping... etc... Most of the things on your list wouldn't take that much of your time, but you'll feel 100% better if you get even ONE of them done.

I have the same problemy myself. So if this doesn't work, you can come over here and clean my apartment while I go pick up yours (and use your computer to procrastinate).

Thanks for the tip. :)

Yeah, it's common sense to do something like that. I just feel like I don't need a physical list to help me commit to doing things on it. I could just as easily tell myself "No computer/TV/napping until the dining room table is clean" without having that task written down. Either way I'll ignore my own orders just as much. :)

But the problem is more with the larger stuff anyway... like redoing my web site and rebuilding my computer. They're just huge projects looming over my head and I can find no way to break them down into manageable chunks. Figuring out what the first tiny chunk should be is a project in itself.


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