Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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Walking, Horses, Pictures, and Walking

Wow... I went for such a walk today. Sara and I walked from her house through the city to the other side and back, finding a lot of Horses On Parade along the way and stopping to take pictures. We ate in some bar/grill in the High Falls district. I had a hot dog... it was perfect. :)

On our walk back through the city, we found a few more horses, but the memory on my digital camera was filled up... so I had to resize some of the bigger images and delete some others to make room for a few more.

About a mile away from getting back to Sara's house, my feet really started to hurt. Just my right foot, relaly. Ow. :( Feels like a stress fracture in the working. If I had known we'd be doing that much walking I would've worn sneakers, not these stupid sandals that made my feet black.
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