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New Toy!
Woohoo! I just ordered a Sony DSC-S75 digital camera from eCost.com. There is an awesome in-depth review of it (and many other digital cameras) at the Digital Photography Review site. No camera is perfect, but this one seemed to have the least number of sacrifices for the cost. Mainly, there's some noticeable chromatic aberration, but most of you probably don't even know what that means. It's explained in the review though.

I also ordered a 32MB memory stick with it. I should've gotten the 64 though - I couldn't find it on the site when I was placing the order, but I found it later. Oh well. I'll probably be fine with 32 for quite a while anyway. And it comes with an 8.

I can't wait to get it! I got overnight shipping on it, too... but I probably wasn't lucky enough for the warehouse to get the order before it closed today so I should expect it Thursday I guess... Unless they make a stink about the shipping address being different than the billing address.

With the camera, extra memory, tiny handling fee, and shipping, the total came to about 50¢ less than the price of the camera alone at local retail stores (before tax!). Schweet. :)

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