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"Keep right except to pass."

...apparently that means "Keep left except to shake off tailgating assholes."

Driving to work today, there was this car in the left lane going exactly the same speed as the 18-wheeler beside it in the right lane. They stayed side-by-side doing 73mph for at least 5 miles, all the while gathering people behind him in the left lane wishing to pass (I was the 3rd in this line.)

Finally the trucker decided to do something since obviously the jerk to the left of him wasn't going to, and slowed down to allow the car to get ahead of him.

Well, it got ahead of him, but stayed in the left lane! Fucker. Finally the car behind him was able to clear the truck too, so he passed this jerk on the right. The next car did this too, so I figured I'd better follow suit since this idiot clearly wasn't getting a clue.

Meanwhile, the (rightfully) impatient guy who had been tailgating me decides to make a run for it when I finally pull over to the right lane, not realizing that I did so in order to pass the jerk in the left lane. So he flies up to butt-fuck the left-lane idiot. Maybe he thought he might intimidate him enough that he might move over. Or that Moses might step in and part the cars so that he may pass through. I made sure to keep a tight space between me and the car in front of me so he wouldn't decide to pull over in front of me before the car in front of me cleared the left-lane dork. Fortunately this worked, and I slowly passed the dork and his new rear-end friend.

As I cleared the mess, I watched in my mirror to watch this exercise in stupidity continue to unfold. Once I cleared the jerk that started this whole thing, I guess the guy on his ass intimidated him enough, and he actually moved over to the right lane in front of the big rig. Suddenly the blockage was cleared and about 15 cars came through in quick succession.

After those 15 cars came through, guess what. The ASSHOLE moved back over to the left lane, for absolutely no reason. He just liked it there I guess. They had NY plates, too, but maybe they're from Europe and it was only a rental. But if was an SUV. I dunno if they rent those.

Anyway, I thought about skipping my exit to go back to the jerk and try to inform them of the revelation that the left lane is for passing, because the signs all along the thruway reading "Keep right except to pass" obviously don't explain this very well. But then I thought of all the horror stories of people confronting other drivers who pissed them off and ending up in the ER. Plus, their windows were up so I dunno how I would've gotten their attention... So I just got off at my exit.
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