Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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PC work

Yay, I got the Golden Orb installed. :)

But when I tried to boot back up, I wasn't getting any video. Couldn't figure out why. Tried several times, even unplugging the power supply. No luck. Oh well, the AGP card had been pissing me off anyway so I replaced it with an old PCI Voodoo. Booted up fine. Some things even ran smoother. I'm convinced there's a problem with the AGP implementation on my MB. Possibly PCI too though, now that I've tried it.... certain things just bring the graphics to a crawl... Java applets that animate images, and huge animated gifs such as for weather radar animations. I can't figure it out. Oh well.

BTW, I'm not overclocking my processor. I only got the new CPU cooler because the fan on my current one was unbalanced and buzzing like crazy. I couldn't find any place that sells just the fan though. So I got the whole fan/hs combo. And this one looked cool. Like a jet engine turbine or something. :)
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