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I have too much fucking SHIT to worry about these days.

And it doesn't help that a certain chat partner uses up so much of my evenings almost every night. We're addicted to talking to each other, even though we get on each other's nerves.

But aside from that, I just can't keep track of all the crap I need to do as an adult in this society. Why is my apartment such a mess and my computer so unorganized? Because I can't manage my time well enough to tend to everything, that's why. I get so obsessed with the tiniest little insignificant things and I'm always missing the big picture. How the hell am I supposed to do everything? I can't. I just can't.

I need to strike it rich and live in a mansion with a staff or something, cuz I just can't do this on my own. I'm too anti-sexist to think about "getting a woman to take care of the house" for me. That's why I'll need to pay someone.

Until then, I'm bound to live in a cluttered and unorganized world around me that I'm helpless to fix because all my time is taken up by a few tiny, devouring things.

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It's 5:33 in the morning and I am going on a LJ journey because I am just not in the mood to sleep. I thought I would stop and say hi and I passed by. It would be cool to hear back.

Hi, cool of you to write. :) How's life over there at SJF? I'm gonna do something everyone hates now and ask you if you know somebody else who happens to attend the same campus as you do with who-knows-how-many-thousand other people you probably never notice from day to day. :) Nicky Wopperer... heard of her? Oh well, just curious. I guess I should get ready for work now.

Oh my God I actually do know her!...man I know someone always asks do you know blah blah blah? and I'm just like well Fisher is small but I guess not small enough so no!...but I do know her she is going out with (last I knew) one of my friends. She scared me on those roller shoes of hers...hahaha...how do you know her?? Alright well talk to you later.oh yeah and life here isnt too awful bad, pretty lonely considering there is no one on campus. ok bye now

Hehe... well it's kinda weird how she and I met. I think originally she ICQ'd me at random and then we just sorta forgot about each other for a few months. Then her little sister saw me in Nicky's contact list and contacted me from her own account, then Nicky talked to me again after that and we had more things to talk about than the first time, and we eventually even met a few times. That's the nutshell version, anyway. :)


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