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Blah blah blah. That's all I have to say. Blah.

I got to work around 8:20 this morning. That hasn't happened in months. When Mike strolled in around 8:45, he asked why I was there so early.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. I feel so loved.

My parents took me out to dinner at Perkins on Monday for my birthday. Honor came too - that's the puppy my mom is raising for a year to be trained as an Upstate Guide Dog - so she gets to bring her with her everywhere as long as she carries her paperwork and the dog wears her cute blue cape. She waited politely under the table out of view while we ate. I had the Shrimp Boat Dinner. The corn was awesome. And then I had Fresh Strawberry Pie for dessert. Mmmmmm.

Then my parents dropped me back off at my apartment, and as I got out of the car they told me to look in the trunk. There was a long cardboard box with a bow on it. It was a bookshelf. Cooooool. :) I've needed a bookshelf ever since I moved in over a year ago, but I could never find one that matched the rest of my cheap black-laminated particle board furniture.

I got that put together, but haven't gotten around to putting books on it yet. I'll have to figure out what to put in there. It's not all that big - only 2 movable shelves.

Exciting stuff, huh?

They're calling for 90° sticky temperatures tomorrow. The record is 93°.

Having net friends sucks when you don't have real life friends. Maybe that's just the loneliness talking. I just sometimes wish net friends could be real life friends.

Ouch. It hurts to think this deep.

Other people write what's on their mind without even trying. It just spews out as fast as they can type. With me, there are these huge pauses between every phrase while I stop to think. Either I type too fast or think too slow, or both. I'd think I think too slow. I started writing this entry like 15 or 20 minutes ago. Most people only take 3 to 5 minutes to write an entry of this length.

But then, most people have things to say. I'm struggling to come up with anything worthy of the bandwidth and storage space it will consume.
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