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Weird Dream

I was on the streets in my neighborhood back home with a bunch of people in some sort of class, which included my mother and many other strange people. We were reading the streets, or something. This involved hovering about 5 feet above the street and scanning from curb to curb up and down all the streets to read a long body of text that zigzags along the street. However, I was frustrated when I tried because first of all we were flying forward, which makes it rather difficult to read text from top to bottom... so I had to figure out how to maybe read the paragraphs top to bottom but in reverse order from each other. But then I ran into another problem, which was that I couldn't hover slow enough to read everything anyway. This was all for some sort of assignment, and so as would seem typical of me, I sat around after my failed attempt trying to think of how I would try to exempt myself from the assignment with my teacher the next day. The class had nothing to do with reading... it was some sort of math class or something, so I was realizing how it's not the teacher's responsibility to teach me how to read since that was more of a prerequisite for the class and I felt like such a failure because I couldn't read fast enough. (Everyone else hovered at the same speed I did - they were just able to read much faster. And backwards, somehow.)

Then I found myself at some sort of 3-part fast food joint somewhere. The 3 parts were something like wraps, pizza, and ice cream, except they were all things I would normally get (I wouldn't normally get wraps or pizza). Only one of the lines was open, and I was in it with a bunch of friends. While waiting in line, I think the place rennovated or something. I don't think this is a sign of how long I hate to wait in line as much as it was a sign that I went to the place often, and did the exact same thing every time. Anyway, I eventually found myself indoors where the line went along some weird free-standing counter, underneath which are stacks of trays from which to take one for myself. When I got up to the food serving area, there was nothing there. Not even a sign that there ever was a food serving area. There was just a little L extension at the end of the counter but nothing there... a few seats like it was a dining area. I was confused. I saw my friend John enjoying his meal and he said they ran out of food, he's sorry, and kept on eating his meal. I asked him if maybe they'd bring more out or one of the other lines would open up, and he just shrugged.

Typical helplessness dreams I guess.
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