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What happened to AIM?

"Your buddy list is currently not available, but it has not been lost. Please try again later."

It's amazing how an instant messaging tool can be so popular, yet have such crappy support? I can find no network status page for AIM anywhere. I did a Google search. If AOL has one somewhere, they block spiders. They also make it impossible to find. AIM seems to have two homepages. Neither one has a frequently-updated news section that might explain any problems it's having.

I'm just taking a shot in the dark here, but I don't think the reason AOL doesn't have staff dedicated to this is because they can't afford it.

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right on...


and icq is going down hill to since aol took over...


why can't things work the way there suppose too??

Hey, dont feel bad - I cant even sign in. So it could be worse!

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