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Well the free a cappella concert at RIT was AWESOME!!! There were a number of groups from colleges all over the state and even beyond and they were all equally excellent.

In one of the groups... the "Allegations" ...one of the girls looked a LOT like Kelly. Her hair was a little straighter... but most of all it was the face. Then in this one song she took 4 steps back and started singing some background stuff in an amazing opera voice. Even having stepped back, she was overpowering the rest of the group! Not unmusically... but just... her voice was right out there.

After the show I was working the RITSMA concession stand and the various groups were also trying to sell their CDs. One of the group members stopped by our table and tried to barter a CD for some food or something.. but she still wanted money for the CD.. I still don't understand exactly what that was about.. but it turns out that's not the point. She stood there and talked to us across the table for a good 10-15 minutes telling her life story or something. And damn, she was cute. :) Well I'm making her sound like an annoying airhead but she wasn't really... we were talking with her about college stuff and how our schools differ from each other in size and stuff like that. I thought it was really cool that she talked to us for so long, so I bought her group's CD. It was only $7.

After the concert I went to help Sara move some more stuff into her new apartment. I opened up the new CD there and had her roommate put it on. We eventually came to the agreement that they sound much better live.

When I got home I checked out the group's web site and found a page of info about each of the members. The first one was Lisa Dulin's and she had a personal web site, "agelade". I found her pic and sure enough, it's her. :) Very strange site though. Much different in person. Actually maybe it wasn't her. I thought she was the only girl with blonde hair in the group, but in the group photos on the CD jacket there seem to be more than one. I guess it's possible Lisa wasn't there and I saw someone else. None of the other girls have web sites though.

Oh well. Enough gawking for tonight. :)

Speaking of gawking though... my friend Jeremy had difficulty keeping his composure when this girl walked out among the first group... she wasn't wearing a bra, her top was made of thin material and worn tight, and she bounced to the beat through every song, not to mention she was built like a model and had a great voice to boot. Jeremy's word, and I quote: "Damn!"

Actually, every girl in that first group was very attractive. And then came the second group. Remember in Revenge of the Nerds how there were these sororities... the Pi's and the Mu's? Well, if the first group was the Pi's, the second group was the Mu's. I felt sorry for them in that aspect - one of the girls was even gap-toothed - but they sang so damn good it didn't matter! One of the songs they did was Bon Jovi's "It's My Life". Overplayed on the radio, yes, but keep in mind this was entirely a cappella! I was downright f***ing impressed. I've always wanted to just take a song with any level of instrumentation and just do the whole thing a cappella because I thought that would be so neat... and that's exactly what this group did. Every piece of instrumentation was reproduced vocally in some way. People, if you're gonna impress me, that's the way to do it. :)

Well now it's 5am... accounting for the time change... so I should probably get to bed.
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