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Gobble Gobble
Woohoo! I went bowling tonight with some friends - it was to celebrate a birthday. 15 of us total, so we got 3 lanes, and we got our own room in the back that only has like 8 lanes in it... all to ourselves for most of the 2 games we played. :)

I wasn't doing too good - only 77 in the first game. I found my groove in the 9th frame of the second game though. I got a strike there, then two strikes and a 6 in the 10th frame. :) Is that a turkey? I still don't know all these details about how bowling is scored. Anyway, that bumped my second game score up to 122.

Regardless of scores, we all had a good time. :) We even used a few Corner Crew cheers where appropriate.... "Hey 10 Pin, get off your knees! You're blowing the game!" ...and so on and so forth.