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Stupid AIM.
Ok, I'm convinced something quirky just started happening with AIM. Yesterday and today, I missed many attempts by people to contact me because I never noticed their IM windows pop up. Normally when a user IM's you who doesn't already have an IM window open on your screen, a window pops up for them and receives focus. If they already have a window open but it doesn't currently have the focus, its button on the task bar will flash to let you know there's a new message.

But the past few days, neither of those things have been happening here on my machine at work. And so when I glance down and see a few IM windows in the task bar that aren't blinking, I figure I had conversations with those people earlier and never closed the window. But eventually out of curiosity I bring them up to see what we had been saying and I find all these single-sided conversations from people who tried to get a hold of me but were unsuccessful and are now offline. It's so depressing. :(