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Well I didn't write an update all weekend... it was a rather busy one!

Friday night I went to the NCAA D-III Hockey semifinals at RIT. I couldn't make the afternoon game because I had to work 'til 5, but RIT wasn't playing in that one anyway. I showed up for the second game but I couldn't sit with the Corner Crew because they had all kept their seats from the first game. :(

After that some of the crew went out to eat at Friendly's, but I didn't feel like it, plus I just got my new fountain and I wanted to put it together! :D That was a good time right there, lemme tell ya.

Saturday I went back to watch the consolation game in the afternoon and the finals between RIT and Plattsburgh after that. This time I got to get a good seat with the crew. :) A news camera got a good shot of us cheering with me right in the center of the shot and up close... but they didn't use it on the news, probably because RIT lost the game 6-2, giving away their only loss of the season. After the game I went with some friends out to eat at Applebee's.

When I got home, I played RollerCoaster Tycoon until way too late. I'm addicted to that thing now, thanks to Mike. :) He installed it on his laptop so we can play it when work is slow. I used the frontier scenario so I could basically start from scratch and make my own park. I don't like the idea of starting from something that already exists. That's no fun! So, I made a huge park and it had its ups and downs but right now it has a good $30,000 and over 1000 guests. I'm out of real estate though. No more land is for sale. :(

Sunday I went to my nephew's birthday party. I got to play my sister's cool upright acoustic MIDI piano. :) Woohoo!

Then I got home and on the Fox 10pm news the sports segment had a "Extra Effort" story they do every week or something, and this time it was about the Corner Crew!!! I managed to get my VCR recording right at the start of the 1:30 long footage. Interviews with Big Goon and Stick Boy, and lots of general shots giving you an idea of what we're all about. It looks like they shot most of it on Friday though, when I wasn't sitting with the crew. :( I'll be digitizing it anyway, eventually... So if any of you are curious what the heck is so fun about the Corner Crew, you can see for yourselves. :)
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