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Guess where I am again!

Just ate lunch... I think I'll see if I can find some good jeans somewhere. Hmm...

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Take it from a girl's view - dont go shopping right after you've eaten - you'll just feel fat :)
And, if I may comment, you should get some jeans that accentuate your rear end - its a good thing

Yeah, I had that feeling and was aware of the possibility I'd buy jeans with too big a waist... :) But I wanted them with a big waist anyway for a different reason, so I think I'm ok.

Well dammit, these jeans are too tight for my big ass. Does that count for accentuating my rear end? :-P

I'm sure your ass is just fine. Adorable, just like you :)

I'd say my ass is blushing, but I have no way of knowing. :)

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