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Well I found that place to get my Zippo fluid, but they only had small tins of it. Oh well.

I also noticed the World of Science is going out of business! :( That's such a cool store. Although, I've never bought anything there. That's probably why they're closing... everyone says that. :) As Mike said to me at work, "It's like a science museum but they expect you to buy the exhibits... nobody wants to do that, they just want to play!"

So, everything is 20-40% off there, so I picked up a box of colored polish rocks, normally $8, on sale for $6. :) Once I get the stuff to make my fountain, I might use a few of them in there.

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Is this some sort of special Zippo Juice? Didja try the grocery stores and gas stations first??

Well Zippo's site lists this one store as the only place that carries the Zippo-brand fluid. It says the contents are "Petroleum distillate - Naphtha". If you know of any other product that would work, let me know.

I bought the first tin from CVS long ago - it was a lot bigger and a different design, but still had Zippo's name on it and said it was "Naphtha". But I looked in Eckerd and they only carry the lighters, no fluid, just like Zippo's site indicates. Lots of places carry the lighters, but only "Things Remembered" stocks the fuel.

I'm so sorry you're lonely - wish I could keep you company......

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