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Gotta love the smell of banana bread! :)

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The smell of banana bread makes you horny?

Interesting fact to keep in mind.

Re: you're kidding?!?

Why do you assume a corellation? I could've been horny for any other reason. :-P

But anyway, it was mainly a joke. A slight exaggeration of my love for banana bread. :)

Banana bread makes you horny?

I take it you don't read other comments before you post your own. :-P

Actually, when I made the post... there was no other comments... at least that's what the page said *shrug*. In fact, when I came back here, it still says only 2 comments were made when there was 4.

Hmm, yeah, and just now it said there were 3 comments when there were really 5. Well, Brad said LJ has been having problems. A lot of people even lost entries. One of the servers has some bad memory. This is probably just another side-effect.

I hereby respectfully withdraw my erroneous accusation of wrongdoing on your part. :)

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