Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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I got a new cam. :) This guy was selling a not-too-old Sony Handycam on eBay because it was broken... But since it's only the tape compartment that is broken, it means it can't record or play, but it can still create a live image so it works great as a webcam. I won the auction at $41. :)

So, now I'm playing with it... It's nice to have a webcam with 10X zoom. Most webcams have a fisheye lens that really distorts things like crazy.

So... messing around, I tried to recreate one of my favorite sight gags from the movie "Airplane", when Lloyd Bridges is sniffing glue suspended from the control tower ceiling upside down and his hair is hanging down and his eyes are all stoned-looking. I'll use it for my LJ pic when I feel silly. How did I do? :)
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