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My 3D Rage

Well I just bought another video card. This Voodoo 4 just isn't work for me. Plus, 3dfx just sold out to nVidia so support for my card will be sparse at best.

I'm not a gamer anyway. It bothers me how all the cards on the market are for 3D gaming. Like the only thing people use PC's for anymore these days is gaming. Am I the only person in the world who values sturdiness over millions of polygons per second? I don't want a kick-ass gaming experience if it's at the expense of reliability, but that's just what all these video card manufacturers seem to be making. Sure, you're getting 3 thousand frames per second in your game (yes I'm exaggerating cuz I'm pissed) but what good is that if you can't even resize a window on your desktop without worrying that the system might freeze up?

Fortunately I found a card that seems to be made for people like ME who just want a solid 2D card and minimal no-frills 3D support so that applications requiring 3D acceleration can have it, and although the performance is nothing to brag about, at least it WORKS.

I found a customer review of ATI's XPERT 2000 32MB card that described the card as having exactly the features I described above. And having an M.S.R.P. of only $99, I know they didn't throw in a bunch of 3D nonsense that they paid a bunch of code monkeys a zillion dollars to develop.

Hopefully my daily hard resets will be no more once I get this new card.
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