Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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Here I am in the mall again for lunch and using this pathetic free high-speed internet station. While I was eating a flock of elementary school kids stormed the food court. For some reason they're attracted to this internet thing. I noticed that some of the girls were wearing black leather pants... in elementary school! Is this what's "in" now? When I was in elementary school fashion was the last thing on any kid's mind. And mind you, compared to some people who may be reading this, my days in elementary school weren't long ago at all.

*sigh* I also noticed a bunch of boys gathered on one side of the display and messed with the 6 terminals there for a few minutes, then walked away telling everyone they saw, "Don't go there for the Internet... it sucks!" They probably couldn't even get in. It took me 2 minutes just to get to a point where I can type in a web address.

And the keyboards still suck. C-ya!
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