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I want it:

GLS-H Green laser pointer

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oooh me too! but looking at the prices you might as well go and buy a gun and get a free laser sight thingy! I mean, >$300 for a laser pointer?! what the hell are they thinking people are going to be pointing at?! "Look, /there's/ the pot of gold!! <shines pointy laser>"

Hehe, I know. Another site justified the price a little better, explaining that the materials needed to create a green laser are simply more expensive. Apparently you can't do it with a 50¢ diode like they used in my keychain pointer.

But the way I see it, that's just the price you need to pay to impress people with new technology. By the time high demand forces the cost down, everybody will have at least seen a green pointer before and it'll lose its novelty. That's why I want one now at the high price. I'm a pathetic show-off. :)

pathetic? I'm sure you're not. a big parading show-off? why almost certainly!

hehe :-D

You'll be so hip and trendy! No more bliding uni. prof.'s with a red pointer, this time it's a _green_ one! woah! impress girls, make friends, and piss off prof.'s all at once! hey, maybe we can get a bulk discount! ;-D


Professors? Not unless I go for a masters. :-P

well they worked for the example! ;P

Blue too

They also have blue laser pointers.. but the prices on THEM are still in the multi-thousand dollar range.... one company owns the sole development rights, and isn't sharing.

Green ones started out that expensive too... and maybe red ones as well.. but we never heard about them til they were cheaper.

I'm holding out for the purple ones... but I'm not sure why cause I think cats are colorblind. :)

Well the red ones are so cheap now because all it takes is a "laser diode" the size of a fingertip... rather than whatever complicated equipment it takes to produce a true helium-neon "light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation". (Any optics majors out there?)

Once they make similar diodes for the other wavelengths (if it's possible) I'm sure they'll come down in price as well.

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