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Induhvidual Sighting
I nearly got $34.75 worth of groceries for free today. :) I always pay for my groceries with my debit card. The cashier always asks "exact amount?" before typing in the amount to take from my card, and I've always said yes. Well this time I asked if I could have a roll of quarters. Easy, right? Just type in $10 more than the total from my groceries, and it'll tell him to give me $10 in change from the drawer, which I've requested in the form of a roll of quarters.

So, he types in $44.75 and the drawer opens. He then pulls out a roll of quarters, a $20, a $10, four $1's, and three quarters, and hands it all to me.

Hmm... yeah... I guess he didn't realize I'd rather take the groceries home than the $34.75. :)


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