Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

Yay! I got my bottom retainer out! After 2 years... which was supposed to be like 6 months... but I was too lazy to schedule an appointment. Heh. I only let it go so long because it wasn't annoying at all to have in. Now, the TOP one, ick... I never did wear that thing nearly enough. Couldn't even talk with it in. At least it still fits. But my dentist didn't even ask where it was (I wasn't wearing it) so I guess I don't need to be wearing it anymore anyway.

And get this... he takes a picture of my teeth and then comes in and tells me that my wisdom teeth have fully erupted (the sound of which scared me at first but then I immediately realized that just means they've come through, or I have no chance of becoming any more wise than I am now, take your pick) and there's room for them all except the bottom-right which is coming in tilted slightly forward. So he says to me "probably 15 out of 100 dentists would tell you to have your wisdom teeth removed, so I'm gonna say it's up to you. What do you want to do?"

Well, who in their right mind would put themselves through the agony of getting their wisdom teeth removed when they aren't causing any pain or other dental problems??? Call me crazy for deciding to hang on to them for now.
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