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Analyzing Me

Every once in a while I have a deep thought about understanding my own mentality/personality/whatever.

Recently I had this thought: Rather than people skills, I have machine skills. Where normal people have an ability to interact and understand people, that same ability in me has been replaced entirely with the interaction with and understanding of machines. By "machine" I mean any sort of tool or technology, not specifically metal contraptions with gears and motors.

I came up with this thought after considering all the things I enjoy and hate. I enjoy running theatre lighting, using my computer, playing piano, driving my car, perfecting digital audio clips down to the level of individual samples... But any of those things can be ruined by the introduction of things I hate, which basically includes the direct interaction with anyone with whom I don't have a deep friendship. I say "direct" because if an opaque machine is placed between us (opaque meaning tools like e-mail that don't directly transport the sense of sight or hearing) then the interaction becomes acceptable. This means that while I'd be comfortable ordering a pizza via online chat, I'd hate doing it on the phone.

What kind of jobs are out there for someone with a complete lack of people skills? The only reason I'm able to perform the job I have now (full-time on-site computer tech for a company's customer service site) is because after a few weeks I was able to consider many of the people I need to deal with to be my friends. The circle of people I support is limited (mostly) to the site where I work. This is different than doing phone support where anyone in the world could call up at any moment, which I don't think I could handle as well.

I'm always trying to come up with the highest-level philosophy that explains myself - a philosophy that needs the least number of exceptions to hold true. I think this is the closest I have ever come.
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