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My computer needs an optometrist.

Lately my computer seems to be having trouble differentiating between objects in the foreground and the background. I wonder if this is a normal part of aging or if I should have it seek medical assistance.

Many times now, but not reproducibly, I have seen a problem in Winamp when I open new files to play. I always have the player, EQ, and playlist windows showing, and when I open the open-file dialog, the browser is on top of the EQ window. When I double-click a file to open it, sometimes after it starts playing I notice that one of the bands of the normally flat EQ (which I don't use but like to look at) has been shot all the way up to the top. Apparently it thought that a mouse click in the browser window actually clicked on the EQ window beneath it.

And just now something else happened for the first time that's even weirder. Winamp might be explained by a triple-click on my part, although I've been conscious of that and I don't think it's happening. But for this one I can't think of any easy explanation like that. I was browsing some site... probably LiveJournal... and as usual, I tend to grab the scroll bar with the mouse and drag it along as I read, holding the button down continually until I reach the bottom or need to click on something else. I know some people tend to just click the up and down arrows repeatedly or use the keyboard but that motion is too jumpy for me. :-P Anyway, so I was just sitting there reading something while I had the mouse still holding onto the scrollbar. My browser window was overlapping my ICQ window by a little bit, so actually my mouse was also on top of some user's name too, if the browser window wasn't there. Suddenly, while I was still reading the page and hadn't done anything, an ICQ window popped up in front. It was a send-message dialog. Kind of confused me, then I saw that the ICQ window was now in front and my cursor was on top of the user that the send dialog was for. How the heck...? Not only did it confuse which window was in front, but it also confused a held-down mouse button with a double-click.

Add to that the strange video problems I've had with ICQ lately, where I'll be doing something as harmless as typing a message, when suddenly all the letters get graphically scrambled and the whole computer freezes. No mouse, no control of caps/num/scroll lock... dead. But pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del like 5 times will get it to reboot. And Windows doesn't do a scandisk as it comes back up. But sometimes it does. Just like sometimes the VNC service doesn't show an icon in the systray, but sometimes it does.

I swear... one of these days I'm gonna reinstall its ass and learn it some respeck.
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