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Today... I consider myself... the luckiest man... on the face of the earth.
The path of my life as always fallen right in front of my feet before I take each step. I was afraid my current situation might be an exception, but I just got proven wrong.

4 months ago I quit my deskside support job at KPG to come back and finish school. The nature of that job requires that someone is always there, so I was replaced immediately. There are always 2 people there, no more, no less. So I figured my chances of going back after finishing school were pretty slim, but that didn't worry me because I knew it should be quite easy to find IT jobs in this city.

So, now I've just finished school with no job lined up, and I've been looking around with not much luck at all. Submitted my resumes to a few places but nothing was hopeful enough to lead to an interview.

Just now I casually e-mailed my coworker from KPG to let him know what's up in my life and jokingly requested that he find me a job. He replied saying that my timing couldn't be any better, because the guy who replaced me is quitting as of tomorrow!

So now we're gonna see what happens. Supposedly they're already interviewing 2 new people... Hopefully they didn't make an offer that got accepted yet.

Wow, if I go back there again, it'll be weird. This will be the third time I've worked there... not all that odd, except that each time I left, I had no plans of returning. :)

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Good luck, go for it.

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