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Ok, well as evidenced by the time of my last entry, I was up quite late last "night". So, I'm in bed and around noon my phone rings. I just ignore it. I've been getting so many wrong numbers lately it's not worth it. About 40 minutes later it rings again, so I finally was convinced to at least get up and check for IMs and e-mails in case somebody was trying to get my attention.

There was an ICQ message from my mom saying she can't get up Kate's hill and she had to use 4WD to get home from the bus stop. Um... 'kay... I was unaware she was planning to do anything at Kate's that I needed to know about. Then she says she'll call me when they get to the Victor BJ's around 12-12:30 and I can meet them in the Eastview Mall food court. Um... I hadn't heard of any of these plans.

We had planned to go out shopping there on Saturday for clothes and stuff, but nothing today, so I made no plans to be up at a reasonable hour. Well apparently something spontaneous happened and she was just trying to deal me in. Fuck. Yeah it's kinda her fault for not telling me early enough but I really would've liked to go... I really need new clothes and I'm too much of a pussy to pick stuff out alone. :-P Kate used to enjoy using me as a dress-up doll when I was little so I figured I could let her exercise her fashion sense once more by helping me pick out clothes. Today was my chance, and I blew it because of these stupid CD-ROM standards that won't let me do what I want to do. Grr!
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