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Man this sucks. I've been up all night just to find out I can't do this...

I want to burn a CD that has audio tracks at the very beginning so it works in old CD players and stuff, and after that have a data track with MP3s and cover artwork and stuff. Sounds easy enough?

Well nooooooo, it has to be a pain in the butt and force me to choose between two evils. There are only two ways to do mixed data/audio CD's. The first way, "Mixed Mode" uses the "Joliet" file system and puts the data tracks first and the audio tracks after that. Older CD players that don't know to skip the data track will play it as really nasty loud noise that can damage speakers and ears. The second way, "CD-Extra" uses the "ISO9660" file system and puts the audio tracks first and the data tracks in a second session after that. Yes, it requires a multi-session-capable CD-ROM drive to read the data track but that's not an issue, and any CD Player can still see the audio tracks. This is what I'd want, except for the fact that ISO9660 only allows 8.3 filenames!!! Grr. That's a pain in the ass. It's not even worth putting the extra data on there if it has to be named so crappily.

Isn't there some way to do a CD-Extra disc using the Joliet file system or something? C'mon people, help me out here. Anybody! :)

Bah, I'm going to bed.
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