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I went to RIT's hockey game tonight with a bunch of friends. We lost 4-1 but what's more important is I was very well entertained. :)

First, they opened with some light show thing where they turned out the lights and used two multicolor follow-spots in a search pattern thingy and then highlighted the player introductions. Anything that uses patterns of light accompanied by sound tends to excite me. ;-)

Some campus organization was doing a fundraiser where they sold raffle Frisbees to the crowd... they give everyone a Frisbee that has a code taped to it and a stub with the code on it. Between the 2nd and 3rd period they placed a 8'x8' or so square piece of cloth in the center of the ice and told everyone to throw their Frisbees and try to land on it. Well everybody missed.

But as they were using a measuring tape to figure out who came closest, someone yells, "That wasn't fair! I want a rethrow!" Someone else yells, "I threw mine at Buchanan! It was an accident!"


I have a feeling people will be cracking jokes about this election for quite some time.
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