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2 + 2 + 2 = ?
Ok, it seems pretty obvious to me...
  • People became hysterical in parking lots upon realization that they accidentally voted for Buchanan instead of Gore.
  • While exit polls indicated Gore had more votes, ballot counts indicated otherwise.
  • Votes for Buchanan in Palm Beach were higher than in any other county.

There's no question that a significant number of votes intended for Gore ended up with Buchanan instead, and that needs to be addressed before a fair count can be reported.

Sure, the ballot design may be the same this year as in previous years, but the difference is that in previous years the race wasn't close enough for it to even matter if this many votes went to the wrong candidate, so there was no reason to become concerned about it at the time. Now that it's an issue, it needs to be addressed.

One thing's for sure... if and when a final decision is made, the nation will be filled with a lot of upset people.

Here's an idea... lock Bush and Gore in a room until they come up with a plan to run the country under dual-presidency. :)

And if they're still in there after Clinton leaves, then in the meantime, mob rule. Hehehehe...