Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

What time is it?

I've lost all sense of time lately... and yet somehow managed to make it to my classes at the right times.

I pulled an all-nighter Tuesday night to work on a group project that we were to present to the class Wednesday morning. Of course, since I did that, the deadline got pushed back to the following class on Friday. (But if I hadn't done that, it would've been due on Wednesday and we'd have been f***ed... you know how that goes.)

So Wednesday when I got home at noon, I went to bed and set my alarm for 6pm so I could get up, get showered and go to the RITSMA meeting. When I woke up, I found an e-mail stating that due to a water emergency, the campus has been closed and all classes after 4pm are cancelled. But the RITSMA meeting wasn't fully cancelled - we still met, but our guest speakers cancelled. I got home from that and was pissed to find that there was no Battlebots on Comedy Central that night. So I went to bed with my alarm set for 8am as usual.

Thursday I went to class at 10... then when I got out at noon I went to the gym to see Hillary Clinton speak. She was an hour late, because she wanted to tour the campus first. I don't have an opinion between Hillary or Rick for NY Senator... (and I know there's someone else running but I have no clue who it is)... I only went to get informed on the issues. I can't make a decision if I have no idea what the issues are.

That ended around 2:30 and I had another class at 4 so instead of driving home and back I just hung out in the music room with Bob and played piano a bit and stuff. Then I went to the Ritz to get an early dinner and bumped into one of my group members from my 4pm class there so we ate together then went to class. After class I came home and started working on the group project from my 10am class that got pushed from Wed to Fri morning.

I worked all night on that. It's a web design project... and basically I was in charge of throwing everything together into the coded web page. No simple task. I got the page uploaded to our server no later than 9:30am. It's still not complete - this is just a prototype milestone. The final product isn't due 'til next week or something.

So then after that class let out, I went shopping for some essentials on my way home, then came home and went to bed around 1pm once again. I woke up around 7pm... so I got online, ate something, watched some tv, played some games, then went back to bed around 1 or 2am. I woke up around 6am but went back to sleep and didn't wake up again until around 11am.

Is that exciting or what? Now you know how wacky my sleep schedule has been lately. But the weird thing is I haven't missed any sleep, it's just been partly shifted around into a 48-hour cycle. Awake for 29 hours, then sleep for 19 hours with a 4-hour break in the middle, and repeat.


I'm gonna go see "All In The Timing" tonight. It's supposed to be pretty good.
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