Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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I'm a dork.

Heh... remember the other day when I mentioned this girl Amy in my Senior Seminar class that had so much in common with me on the surface and said I was a dork for noticing? Well guess what... Today after class I'm walking back to my car. I happen to see her walk into the library. Whatever. But then, when I finally got to S-lot and I was about 50 paces away from my car, I saw her getting into her car - right next to mine!!! Damn. Now it looks like I'm stalking her. No wait, maybe she's thinking she looks like she's stalking me... Ah whatever. Maybe she didn't even see me. Our passenger doors were together so she would've had to make a point to look at who was getting into the car next to her.

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