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Reading reading reading...

This just verifies my belief that I can't read...

I had some readings to get through for my Senior Seminar class. These aren't light readings either... They're obscure things my professor picked out of weird books and stuff written by professors at other colleges and crap like that - all edumacated type speak and stuff.

So ok, I'm reading this one 16-page essay entitled "Proslavery Millennialism: Social Eschatology in Antebellum Southern Calvinism" - there's a winner, huh? I had to pull out the dictionary just to understand the title. So ok, I'm reading this thing... none of it really making much sense at all. They use too many pronouns and long complex sentence structures and I can't follow what's being talked about. So I come to the end of one page and go to the next, and the words don't seem to flow all that well, but whatever, like that's something new. I just ignored it and kept reading. I've been trying to teach myself to not stop and go back every time I'm not 100% sure of what was said. So I go on and read the rest of the next page.... oblivious. I get to the bottom and the last 3 or 4 words looked rather familiar... Hmm... as if I had just read them 10 minutes ago at the end of the previous page. So I check the page number... 51. I turn back a page and look at that page number... 51. I examine the two pages for a few seconds and come to the realization that I had just read the same exact page twice in a row and had no idea of that fact until the very end of the second time through.

If that doesn't say something about my poor retention, I don't know what does.
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