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Wow, interesting night...

I went with a bunch of college friends to a club called "Tremors" where they were having a battle of the bands hosted by a local radio station, and one of the 3 bands playing tonight was Chuck's Mom, a 4-man band made of friends of my bunch of college friends. We all went to support them and... what's the phrase... swamp the ballot? Something like that. It's late. Gimme a break.

So, it was loud.

But cool nonetheless. After Chuck's Mom played, we decided to leave because we just didn't like the place much... so we turned in our ballots casting our votes for the only band we actually stayed around to listen to.. hehe... rather unfair to the other 2 bands, but in all honesty, we wouldn't have voted for them even if they had floored the place, simply because we went there to support Chuck's Mom. I dunno, I felt kinda weird doing what we did, but I would've felt even worse had I stuck around and cast my vote for one of the other 2 bands, whom I didn't know, instead of Chuck's Mom, who I do know.

So we decided to go to T.G.I. Friday's... it was like 11:30 at that point. I got a new item on the menu: coconut chicken fingers. Mmmm! Man, that was awesome... It was like, eating chicken fingers while shampooing my hair. :) No, really, I thought they were really good. Others may disagree, but I happen to like coconut. Especially in cookies and sprinkled onto donuts. :) And as I've newly discovered, in chicken finger batter too.

Ok, off to bed for me.
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