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Is this a sign of how lonely I am?

In my Senior Seminar class this Monday, we're talking freely about the speech we had to report on... Basically this speech was horrible, in the sense that the speaker didn't tailor it well for her audience. She's spewing out word after word of philosophical jargon and conceptual bullshit which just goes right over most of our heads as college students. Now, this speech was open to the public as well, which I would think is generally even less philosophically-minded than college students who are forced to take liberal arts classes. Probably the only people who could honestly understand much of the speech at all were the few professors who attended it. But even my Senior Seminar professor said it was a bit above him.

So anyway, we're sitting there in class talking about all this and this one girl starts complaining about every single thing that pissed me off about the speech, in exactly the words I would've used. :) Like, at one point she brought up one thing the speaker said which made no sense... and then one of the other students says "Well I think what she meant is this..." and explains it much more clearly. Then the girl responds, "Well why didn't she just SAY THAT?!" Hehe. She's right up my alley. :)

Then there's this other girl in the same class... who seems to be just about as quiet as I am. I never participated in the class discussion because I think too slow or something - I can't come up with anything to say before it's no longer relevant or someone else beats me to it. She managed to squeeze in one comment though. But anyway, that day in class we had to form our groups for the group project. There were 3 topics, and the groups would be formed basically by each student selecting which topic they want to work on, and everyone else who picked that topic became their group. Well this girl ... ok I do know her name so I'll use it :) ... Amy was sitting right next to me in the back row and so she got to pick her topic right before I did. I was thinking the 3rd topic looked pretty good. She picked the 3rd topic. Oh, now THIS looks good. Especially because she's the first one to pick that topic. Oh well, I said I'd do topic 3 anyway. I mean it would be kinda silly to not choose my first choice just because she did first... hehe... So anyway... Then after class, I'm leaving and walking down the hall, and I see her a few paces down the hall in front of me. I notice she's wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, and a green Jansport backpack. Guess what I'm wearing.... a white T-shirt, jeans, and a green Jansport backpack. Jeez I felt like such a dork for noticing! Hehe.
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