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Polls are open...

Am I stupid or do I have a learning disability? Place your votes!

I just got back from the first speech of the Gannett Lecture Series, which consists of 4 speeches given throughout the quarter on "Citizenship in the New Millennium". I need to attend these (or get the tapes later) and write about them for my Senior Seminar class.

Well, aside from the part where the speaker itemized a list of 10 essential elements for techno-millennial citizenship, I couldn't follow a single idea she tried to convey well enough to take any notes on it. How am I supposed to write 2 pages about this speech by Monday? I don't even understand the language being spoken, let alone the concepts being proposed.

Same thing happened in my Org Comm class earlier today... The professor even had powerpoint slides listing all his major points... But it was amazing how he could talk so much about each bullet without his words seeming to have anything to do with it whatsoever! I was so lost.

I'm not a religious man, but Lord help me to pass these classes.
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