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Hehe, in my Org Comm class today, prof. Neumann was trying to make a point about something (which I can't remember, but anyway...) so he was pretending to be someone claiming to have a better product, and his conversation with himself went like this:

"Well this detergent gets clothes whiter..."
"But this one gets them whitest..."
"This one makes clothes softer..."
"But this one makes them softest..."
"This one makes your clothes smell like a teddybear..."
"But this one makes them smell like a duck..."

ROFL...! I dunno why but I just found that so funny at the time. I'm still chuckling just thinking about it. :) Maybe it was the delivery and the context... The way he said it in a childish kind of "I'm better than you" voice... and just the fact that he overpowered teddybear with duck... hehehehe.... do ducks really smell that good? :)

Ah gee... too bad I didn't remember any of the actual lecture material.  o :)
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