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Yay! I finally got to visit the Wopperer estate. :) And they FED me! Some awesome chicken, corn on the cob, broccoli, and fruit salad... mmm-mmm! And in a really formal dining room... How formal? Well the napkins were cloth and had porcelain rings! I felt so special. :)

And this is so cool - their dinner talk is like... educational. :) Dan (the dad) gives like quizzes and stuff and the girls and mom get to try to answer the questions. Things like how an airplane considers wind direction when figuring out the direction they need to head in order to get to their destination ("crabbing"), and how the coriolis effect makes wind primarily blow to the east in the northern hemisphere and to the west in the southern hemisphere... It takes an awesome parent to be able to pull off that kind of conversation at the dinner table. :)

I got to see Dan's awesome studio... man... he has a Mackie mixer board that RIT had to borrow in order to put on a show. Tons of awesome studio-quality sound equipment. Like 3 different tone generators hooked up to his computer for MIDI playback... He played something for me that he wrote for a show - it's entirely percussive and uses a bunch of different ethnic styles. It's awesome. :)

Then I got to play their grand piano a bit... Ooooooh. :) It had a nice sound, but the action wasn't the best. The keys were rather heavy and wore me out fast, and even the sustain pedal was tough to press down. It was a chore to play but I still had lots of fun. :)


But Erin had homework to do and had to get to bed so I had to leave around 9. I can go back another time though. :) I'm afraid I might not have voiced my gratefulness well enough... I mean, for the awesome dinner, having me over, being so nice... :) I have this fear of coming across rude. I hope I didn't. Then again, being TOO grateful can be annoying so at least I didn't do that. :)

Okydoky, I have a little reading to do too... guess I better get to it.
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