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The Cell

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I saw The Cell the other day... Woah. Can you say gruesome? Hehe, I was sitting between two guys and they were squirming at all the sick imagery. Didn't bother me though - I guess I'm desensitized to that stuff. Kinda worries me. Anyway, I guess I can't say I liked the movie. It took a long time to get going. The first half hour or so was like jumping into the middle of a conversation where nobody drops a single hint as to what is being discussed. It was quite irritating actually. I couldn't figure out any sort of a plot until half-way through. And even by the end, the plot wasn't all that complex. The movie relied highly on wowing the audience with this wacky imagery, which is rather lame and cliché.

But anyway. Basically this isn't the sort of movie to see on a whim. That's how I saw it. I just went because some of my friends were going to see it and I went along. And I didn't have enough prior interest in the movie to figure it out. So you really need to have a specific desire to see this movie in order to enjoy it at all. Otherwise you'll just be nauseated, or confused, or both.
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