Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

School Days...

Too bad my mom isn't here to sing it to me.

Weird - I had a dream I was delivering my old paper route in my new car. What the heck does that mean??? Hehe...

Well my new class schedule is posted - click on the schedule link at the top of my page to see it. If you're reading me from someone else's friends page, then click on my face first ya lazy bum! :)

Hopefully that schedule will be changing though. The Tue/Thu 10:00-11:50 class will be replaced with a distance learning class, and the Tue/Thu 12:00-1:50 class will be replaced with one on Mon/Wed at the same time. So I won't have any Tue/Thu classes anymore. :) (That's not the goal though; the goal is to get into classes I think I can PASS.)
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