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"Is is," I says!
Know what really annoys me?

when people say "The fact is is (blah blah blah)..."

What's with that? Why do they repeat the "is"? The second "is" should be a "that"!

Another one that annoys me is when someone is telling a story of a past dialog and they say something like, "So he says you wanna do something, then I says sure, then he says like what, and I says I dunno..."

Do I pay too much attention to detail or something?

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No, you don't pay too much attention to detail, it bothers me, too. I just don't usually make comments because then I'd feel twice as guilty when I goofed and made a typo or used improper grammar. I've never heard anyone use the double "is".

...and any time "that" can be left out, it should be.

In writing I'll agree, but in speech I think including the optional "that"s helps keep the words flowing smoothly.

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