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My First 5K
I ran in the Airport 5K and finished in 30:55. Not bad for my first one! Jamie improved on her time, too.

The most traumatic part was parking. There was no information at all on the web site about that, and no signage for people coming from the south. But after I spoke to a traffic cop he pointed at a huge electronic sign back where we came from, facing the other way so we couldn't see it, so we turned around and followed that. And it turns out there were shuttles to take us across the street to the hangar, too, which was nice, but again, totally unannounced. Also the results aren't posted on the site yet.

Well I didn't mean it was my first time running that distance, just my first participation in a formal 5K. I've been running on the treadmill fairly regularly for over a year, but my 5K time on there is usually around 34:00 so I was pleasantly surprised.

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