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Hole in the Wall
Today while I was at work our basement walk-out door became a hole in the wall. But that's ok... the foundation was built up in its place and the above-grade portion is boarded up for now. Eventually it will have an egress window installed (per code) and the stairs outside will be filled in. All part of the plan to fix the poor design that led to our recent flooding issues.

Also on the agenda is a new roof. No date set for that work to start yet.

Ah, home ownership.

In other news, I went for a run outside today for the first time in like... ever. Jamie had mapped out a 5K course around our neighborhood, so I ran that because she had the treadmill tied up tonight. But also, I wanted to see if I'm ready to run outside yet because the Airport 5K is this weekend and I'm thinking about signing up. (Jamie already is.) Anyway, I ran it in about 36 minutes, but that includes walking around the house for a minute at the end to check out the mason's work.

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Congratulations! I wish I could run that far. It's on my list. I bought some special shoes and everything.

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