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I decided the flooding downstairs wasn't going to evaporate on its own fast enough, so last night I was up 'til 12:40 with the shop vac, sucking water out of the carpet. (Jamie said I was vacuuming for like... 8 hours.) It worked a lot better than I expected though; I must have dumped at least 5 gallons overall.

But now the whole house smells like ass.

At least I got a good workout, moving the exercise bike, treadmill, chair and piano so I could vacuum under them.

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My basement flooded once from a broken washing machine line when we lived in Virginia... what a nightmare that was. And it was a townhouse, so it seeped into the neighbor's basement as well. I felt really crappy about that!

Yeah, our washer flooded the other side of our basement two Christmasses ago when one of the cats knocked a sponge into the sink that covered the drain so it eventually spilled over. That part of the floor has linoleum tile, but apparently poorly-adhered because the water got underneath the tiles, making it a pain to clean up. It also got into the utility closet, under the furnace, and partly into the carpeted hallway. Ugh.

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