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Christmas 2010
Today was Christmas with my family at my brother's house.

From my brother out near Saratoga, NY, I got a "Peppermint Pig", apparently some old tradition from there.

From my parents, I got this cute little tree ornament.. tree... ornament....

From my sister, I got a bonsai tree. Looks like it needs a bit of work. I don't think it's in very good hands. :) It even came with a book, "Bonsai 101 Essential Tips"... I read the whole thing, but it leaves a lot to the imagination, of which I apparently have none. A lot of it apparently relies on basic gardening knowledge, too. Again, not me.

We also got a whole bunch of food: 2 bottles of wine, 1 jar of Texas salsa, 1 jar of homemade salsa, corn chips, 1 jar of homemade grape jelly, and a bag of assorted fudge, cookies and peppermint bark.

Friday was Christmas at Jamie's sister's house. Her parents got me a multi-ratchet wrench that looks like a phone, and her sister got me a $25 gift card to Regal Cinemas.

From there, Jamie, her parents and I met up at my parents' for traditional lasagna dinner before going to evening mass. Back at our house, I let her open her gift from me a few hours early: an Amazon Kindle 3G.

Jamie's gift to me should be shipped to me at work Monday: some parts for me to rebuild my PC. I ordered the main guts of it myself, and that should arrive Tuesday.


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