Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

3 more photos

We were there.  :)

The crowd was huge and tightly packed...  Going anywhere required weaving through people like red blood cells trying to pass through capillaries, so once we found a spot with no smokers around us (seriously, people?) and a somewhat decent view of a video screen, we stood in that spot the whole time.

Here's a 360° panorama from our location:

(This was well before noon, so it wasn't fully packed yet... You can still see some grass!)

The rally opened with a few too many songs by "The Roots", then finally things started happening.  Of course you can't attract a crowd of hundreds of thousands and not let the boys from MythBusters have a little fun.  So Adam and Jamie go on stage and tried some experiments with the crowd.  The first few just involved doing "the wave" in various ways.

Here was our view of the wave that started at the stage and propagated west:

They also tried having the crowd make different sounds like laughing, crying, doing "cheek pops", all cued by the video screens.  That part seemed less exciting, at least from our location.  Another idea they had was apparently to try to trigger an earthquake...  They set up a seismometer and tried to get the entire crowd to jump up and land on the ground at the same time to see how big of an impact all that "meat" could make.  But I think someone failed to inform them that the video screens weren't all in sync with each other.  They were delayed to match the speed of sound coming from the stage, so using them to synchronize the jump didn't really work.  The seismometer picked up a rumble, but probably nothing like it could've been if it was truly synchronized.  I think Adam said we hit the ground with a force "about 100 times more powerful than a minor car crash."  :)

After the MythBusters were done with their fun, finally Jon Stewart came out to huge applause, followed shortly by Stephen Colbert, who had supposedly been hiding deep underground below the stage because he was fearful that nobody had shown up for the rally.  They showed a video feed of him on the screens, shirtless in a dark place like a Chilean miner.  When Jon finally talked him into coming to the surface, Stephen slowly ascended up through the stage in a rescue pod.

A few more celebrities were involved later on, including Ozzy Osbourne and Sam Waterston.  But a little before 2pm they gave the stage to some musical act we didn't recognize, and we decided to leave early so we could beat the crowd onto the metro and get on the road to Massanutten, VA, where we're spending the rest of this week on vacation.
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